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- a website is a requirement
I'm just touring london and would like a paid leg account for:
Though many of the advertising opportunities we have are free, we do require that you open up a free membership account so that you can access the administration areas of the site and place your listings and ads....
Here is the big news.  ready? Please read this so, so carefully to save wasting everyone's time. Here it comes:

If you do not have our banner  in a prominent position on your home page when applying 

Once you have completed the form (left), we will APPROVE or DENY your application WITHIN 48 HOURS and accordingly may send you a confirmation e-mail with an activation link. Please click on this link to activate your account.

If you do not receive  this confirmation email within 48 hours your application has been denied at this time.

TOURING GIRLS coming to London  ONLY have the option of  £50 per week, for the number of weeks you are  staying in London

If we even THINK you or your agency girls are fake we will not let you in.
We say NO more than we say YES.

Please make sure your agency or independent page is in order before applying.

Thank you.


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