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Poppy Q
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listing added: 24/06/2023
Central London elite Poppy Q london escort
Central London mature Poppy Q london escort
Central London mature Poppy Q london escort
Central London elite Poppy Q london escort
Introducing Poppy a radiant and petite blonde whose captivating presence shines with every step. With a graceful allure and a twinkle in her eyes, she exudes a magnetic charm that captures the attention of those around her.

Her fair complexion adds to her delicate beauty, lending an air of ethereal enchantment. But her true allure lies not only in her physical appearance but in the depth of her character and the brilliance of her mind.

Beneath her golden locks, a vibrant spirit dwells—a woman who embraces life with an infectious energy and a zest for adventure. Her petite frame carries an inner strength, as she navigates the world with determination and grace.

And you? Seeking the company of a kindred spirit?

Over to you…

I look forward to meeting you soon

Poppy x
Central London
ONE HOUR: £500 £500
90 MINUTES: £650 £650
TWO HOURS: £750 £750
Poppy Q prefers central London bookings.
She will travel to Greater London plus fee.
She will visit Heathrow plus fee.
Poppy Q will travel to other towns in the UK.
This London escort will travel internationally..

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