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Outcall Only latin Olivia london escort
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Olivia is sexy and she knows it and if you do not believe it wait until you see her for real! One thing that really gets me worked up and excited about some of these girls is their eyes; some people are a sucker for large breasts, some are for a nice tight little or even a big round pooper on them or any numerous other parts of a woman's body. You name it, someone likes it and I like Olivia; don´t get me wrong, all of her is great but she has some awful pretty eyes that will attract and lure you in like... hmnnn like what; like fish to bait or a bear to honey or ants to a picnic. Yeah we could use any one of those to describe what she will do to persons that she meets with all of her body and not just her eyes. They just point out that it´s pretty obvious she is a highly desirable woman and you won´t have any reason to question it once the two of you hook up and meet. She´s another one of those hot blooded Brazilians with large breasts who more that love to please their men. Yeah boy!
South America
Outcall Only
ONE HOUR: £110
Please call for bookings outside of central London.
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At Playful it's simply about Fun!
Our girls are chosen because they are sexy and they enjoy what they do. That is reflected in the quality of the service that they give you, but not in the price.
You won't find better value than Playful. Also we are available 24/7 and we cover the whole of the Greater London Area.
If you are at Gatwick or Heathrow give us a call, we will get you a girl within the hour.

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