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Bayswater petite Celia london escort
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Bayswater petite Celia london escort
At first when I clicked on this profile here of Celia I had to rub my eyes a little bit and wonder if my hangover and lack of sleep from days on end all-night partying was really affecting me that much; the pictures seem a little blurry and out of focus. After a few simple tests I came to the conclusion that I was fine and that the photos actually are blurry and out of focus; thank God it´s not just my head. I do not know what´s up with the photos; well actually I do... I may have an idea. It´s what happens when you have a rookie do a pros job, or send a boy to do a man’s job which it´s sometimes said; things don´t always get done right when that route is taken. We know that the clarity of the photos is not the most important thing in the world when you are looking for London escorts but geeze with all the money involved why can´t some people get things right? If you want to see clear photos of 20 year old E.E. Celia check out the link to her page, or DO IT RIGHT; visit her in person.
Eastern Europe
ONE HOUR: £150
Please call for bookings outside of central London.
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AVG price of girls: £124
Number of girls listed: 104
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At Playful it's simply about Fun!
Our girls are chosen because they are sexy and they enjoy what they do. That is reflected in the quality of the service that they give you, but not in the price.
You won't find better value than Playful. Also we are available 24/7 and we cover the whole of the Greater London Area.
If you are at Gatwick or Heathrow give us a call, we will get you a girl within the hour.

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