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Outcall Only elite Alessandra london escort
Outcall Only elite Alessandra london escort
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Outcall Only 400-to-600 Alessandra london escort
Outcall Only 400-to-600 Alessandra london escort
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My name is Alessandra and i am proud to introduce myself to you.

I am a former model, 5,10" tall, slim, well toned with long legs. I am early thirties and I have stunning green eyes. I have long dark hair but often change my hair style regularly as I have a strong passion for fashion.

I was born in Russia and spent 15 years in Italy as a professional model. I speak multiple languages including Russian, Italian, English and a little french. I have a keen interest in fashion and clothes so you will be sure I will dress the way you will like.

I am classy and warm-hearted with a good sense of humour. I have a open-minded personality that will keep you relaxed and comfortable.

I am good listener and non-judgmental, I can be good company for fun loving gentleman and also if you were to need a shoulder to cry on.

Age: 30
Height: 5'10"
Region: Eastern Europe
Languages: English
Incall: Outcall Only
Listing Added: 14/05/2014
Please call for bookings outside of central London.
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I love being an escort because:
i love being an escort because i love to meet new people and have different experience in my live
The last time I laughed was because:
The last time i laughed was because my friend was eating black sepia spagetti and she was looking so funny with black mouth and tongue
My favourite actors and movies are:
My favourite actor is Tim Roth and movie with him "Legend 900"
and my favourite type of food is:
My favourite type of food is italian
When it comes to drink, I prefer:
When it comes to drink i prefer pink champagne
My favourite type of men are:
My favourite type of man is mediterranean, dark hair
If I could afford it, I would drive a...
If i could afford it, i would drive a Bentley
My favourite holiday would be a nice weekend in:
Its would be nice weekend in Venice
I feel sexy when I am wearing these sorts of clothes:
I feel sexy when i am wearing leather trousers, sexy top and high heel shoes
My favourite position is:
my favourite position is doggy
The craziest sexual experience I have had is:
Sorry but this answer i will keep as my secret
My sexual fantasy that I want to do but have not yet done:
I done all my sexual fantasy
Turns ons:
Turns on nice fit body and naughty eyes
Turns offs:
Turns off arrogance, perversion
The best gift I have ever received was:
The best gift was beautiful Jaguar
5 guests (living or dead) I would invite to a party:
I would invite to the party Vladimir Putin, Silvio Berlusconi, Freddy Mercury, Monica Belucci and Naomi Cambell
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ONE HOUR: £400
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07717 363 803

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